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Something was Wrong

21 June 2011 by Neil

Q. 24. What is sin?

A. Sin is any want of conformity unto, or transgression of, any law of God, given as a rule to the reasonable creature.

Back when we were young with two sons under the age of ten, we lived in a four level backsplit. One day my Princess wife had been puttering around on the highest floor where most of the bedrooms were (but not all of the bedrooms... the son that we love the least had to sleep in a very small room under the stairs). While doing something important and productive, she noticed that it was quiet. But the two boys were home. There should have been anti-quiet.

Something was wrong.

Her elf ears fully extended, she advanced to the edge of the stairway, and heard nothing. She went down a level to the living room and kitchen area. Still nothing. She went down another level to where the family room and Unloved Son's bedroom were and sensed the shimmering whisper of a spring breeze rustling the daisies, or perhaps it was a gently cooing dove. The Princess can be stealthy when the need arises, so she crept to the edge of the final stairway, opened the door a wee bit and peeked down into the rec room.

Youngest Son and Unloved Son were tangled on the floor. Somebody had somebody in a half-nelson, and somebody else was pounding on somebody else with all his might and soul and strength. Faces were contorted with rage, mouthing curses at the other, and each was thinking the same thing: “vengeance is mine, says me”. This was a full blown brother brawl. Unloved Son had the upper hand. Sure to get bloodied if it continued much longer, Youngest Son was on the verge of abandoning the rules of engagement by opting for the nuclear elbow jab to the groin.

Hatred held the day, but the brouhaha had to be a secret affair if they wanted to retain certain other privileges.  But that wasn't the only concern: after a panicked scan of the room, Princess was relieved to see that both sons' eyeglasses had been safely placed side by side upon a sewing table prior to the smackdown, because even though they each really wanted to kick the bejibbers out of the other guy, apparently neither wanted to face an angry Princess.

And really, who would?