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Where is the Calvinist Gadfly?

30 January 2012 by FX Turk

All --

The real pleasure of blogging is having faithful reders who come back and savor the old posts as well as look forward to the new posts.  The real pain of blogging is having to make the new posts as good or better than the old posts.  And keeping one's full-time gig.

The team here at Calvinist Gadfly have been regrouping since Christmas, and loading up the queue for posts so that we can try to sustain a weekly volume of 3-5 posts per week.  I know that doesn't sound like much really, but we try to make these posts a labor of love and not a tossed-off "read the whole thing" link to someone else who has done the heavy lifting.

The queue is getting ripe, and I think we'll re-launch next Monday, 6 Feb 2012.  We'll continue through the Larger catechism and try to plan better for the key weeks of the year such as the week before Easter and Christmas as well at a few topical items.

From all of us, our thanks for coming back even when we're not twice-daily content pumps.  We hope the quality make up for the lack of quantity, and we look forward to serving up the buzz in 2012.