... and when to seek higher ground.

You clicked the e-mail link on the front page of the blog, and I welcome your comments, questions, hate mail, fan mail, fan art and other assorted spam. (well, maybe the spam not so much)

If you have questions or comments about a blog post or some theology question, you can feel free to e-mail me at:

General Inquiries

Fan Art

That's what this blog is about, and I don't mind answering your questions, comments, concerns about those things.

If you are seeking counselling advice, let me start by saying that I have the love of Christ for you, but I am not gifted in interpersonal counselling. I am not a trained counsellor. I cannot tell your disobedient teen to come around and act like a human being; I do not have the works of wisdom it will take to get your spouse to do or not do "X". Please do not e-mail me your counselling questions as that's kinda like trying to find a sugar cube in a box of legos.

However, that doesn't mean you can't get help for your problems.

Focus on the Family: 719-531-3400, ext. 7700, M-F for 8 AM - 4:30 PM MT.

Yes, I know: James Dobson is not Truly Reformed. That doesn't mean that his staff doesn't offer decent, free counselling to families in need.

Because your concerns are important and need experienced, Godly counsel, I cannot and should not be the person to help you: I am simply not qualified. These folks are qualified and are willing and available to help.

Thank you.