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Father to Son

09 August 2011 by David Regier

Q. 31. With whom was the covenant of grace made?
A. The covenant of grace was made with Christ as the second Adam, and in him with all the elect as his seed.

Q. 32. How is the grace of God manifested in the second covenant?
A. The grace of God is manifested in the second covenant, in that he freely provides and offers to sinners a Mediator, and life and salvation by him; and requiring faith as the condition to interest them in him, promises and giveth his Holy Spirit to all his elect, to work in them that faith, with all other saving graces; and to enable them unto all holy obedience, as the evidence of the truth of their faith and thankfulness to God, and as the way which he has appointed them to salvation.

If we are not cowed by the cogitations of the catechizers concerning the covenants (commonly called), we will be struck (like a right hook) by the gobstopping force of the answer: This promise is to Christ. The promise of the Father is to His Son.

Who can doubt the promise of this Father to this Son?