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Pile Upon Pile

01 September 2011 by David Regier

1 Shortly after the beginning was the Idea, and the Idea was about WHWH(a), and the Idea was Weh-weh. 2 It was in the beginning, about Weh-weh. 3 Nothing really came into being through the Idea, but apart from it we really wouldn't have had Weh-weh. 4 In it was an explanation, and the explanation gave men something to do with their time. 5 The Idea flickers in the darkness, and the darkness is just fine with that.

6 There came a bunch of men throughout history who thought about Weh-weh, and their name was legion. 7 They came as deep thinkers, to proclaim the Idea, so that the Idea might have their names attached to it. 8 They were not the Idea, but they talked about it as if they were.

9 There was the Big Idea, which, hanging around in the world, captures the fancy of every man. 10 It was in the world, and though it didn't have anything to do with the making of the world, the world jumped all over it. 11 It popped into their heads, and they went for it. 12 And as many as thought about the Idea, they asserted the right to be little Weh-wehs themselves (though not by that name), 13 even though they were pretty much like everybody else, only more mystical-looking.

14 And the Idea rejected flesh as being unbecoming of an Idea, and we saw that it was special, as if it were an Idea straight from Weh-weh, full of sound and fury(b). 15 Everybody talked about the Idea and cried out, saying, "This is the Idea that is greater than me, but be sure you attach my name to whatever religion comes after me, for I thought of it first." 16 For to its fullness we have all contributed, pile upon pile. 17 For the world keeps on working the way it does, but the Idea promises us some kind of escape. 18 Positively everyone has entertained the Idea at some time; but Weh-weh, well, he pretty much explains everything.

(a) In all probability pronounced Weh-weh, with a nasal whine like a fussy baby’s cry. Some scholars prefer Wha-wha, in descending tones, similar to the sad trombone sound.
(b) Some manuscripts say, "Full of piss and vinegar."


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