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Except for That

06 February 2012 by Tom Chantry

Q. 55. How does Christ make intercession?
A. Christ makes intercession, by his appearing in our nature continually before the Father in heaven, in the merit of his obedience and sacrifice on earth, declaring his will to have it applied to all believers; answering all accusations against them, and procuring for them quiet of conscience, notwithstanding daily failings, access with boldness to the throne of grace, and acceptance of their persons and services.

James wrote that the prayer of the righteous avails much, which certainly leaves me out. Why should God even listen to my prayers? If He considers the righteousness of my works, then He should not, yet He answers prayer. Is He inconsistent? Do His standards apply to all men except myself? Why should I pray with any hope?

There is, though, One who is righteous. There is one who prays “in the merit of his obedience and sacrifice on earth.” His prayers must avail much. What is more, He “declar[es] his will to have [that merit] applied to all believers.” And so, because of the intercession of Jesus, not only His prayers, but even mine, are heard and answered.

There is indeed only one name in which we might pray. I dare not pray in my name, or in the name of my Christian friends or that of the saints of old. We - all of us - have nothing to offer in the way of righteousness but our own moral filth. God should not hear us, and His holiness assures that He will not…

…except for this: Jesus obeyed, Jesus died, and Jesus prays.

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