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30 March 2012 by FX Turk

Q. 66. What is that union which the elect have with Christ?
A. The union which the elect have with Christ is the work of God's grace, whereby they are spiritually and mystically, yet really and inseparably, joined to Christ as their head and husband; which is done in their effectual calling.

My son is a perfectly-healthy boy who (let's face it: he's my son) would rather play video games than do anything else.  I mean: rather than eat.

If the house caught on fire while he was playing video games, what would be the most fatherly thing for me to do?

  1. Run out of the house and call 911 in order to have my child saved.
  2. Call out in a loud voice as I run out of the house, so it is possible that the boy will listen and will be therefore saved.
  3. Literally go get him and run him out of the house without regard to whether or not his level is complete?
As you answer that question, consider these follow-ups: which of these is actually an effective calling of the boy out of death and into life?  And in which one am I actually saving him rather than hoping he will be saved?

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