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Beginning Again

10 September 2012 by FX Turk

Welcome back.

A few more things will happen here in the next month.  Because of protests (mostly from our wives), the blog is going to get a make-over to eliminate the purple-and-green theme in order to dispell the rumor that I am color blind, and also to make the temple a little less adolescent.  The point is made that we look more like a comic book blog than a a somewhat-serious devotional blog, so we'll be updating the template to look more like the kind of blog we are really trying to be.

Also, while we have been relatively-disciplined to follow the catechism over the last 2-ish years, we're going to try to mix it up a little with other devotional topics related to the catechism as we think about it.   The hope there is that variety is good for the writers as well as the readers, and we want all of us to be happy so that more gets written in order that more will also be read.

Last, as real posts start tomorrow, sometime during the hiatus the page views rolled over 100,000 -- which was utterly caused by readers, not writers, so in polite company we say, "Thank You" to those of you who were, and still are, faithful readers.