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09 May 2011 by FX Turk

To our loyal readers:

I wish that I was well-organized enough to say that today marks the "X" milestone of this little blog, but really I just had a moment to reflect on the last 4 months and the contributions of my friends here to the spillway of internet content which you could choose from. I just wanted to give a general state of the blog for everyone.

First of all, I'm proud of the guys who volunteered to be my support and content drivers for this site for three reasons: first, the content has been consistently stellar -- weighty without being egg-headed, serious without being maudlin, and human without being too far fallen. Hat's off to the guys for coming to the table with a decent dish to pass around every time.

Second, I'm grateful that they are sticking it out. Their time is valuable and their contributions are voluntary, so they have far outpaced my expectations.

Third, we are reaching places that blogs I have contributed to have rarely reached well. We have a consistent readership in Asia (both India & China), and a surprisingly-strong readership Brazil. In fact, the blog is now receiving over 5,000 readers per month, which is genuinely a strong start for a blog which is not trolling the universe with cross-posts and gratuitous link-mongering. (with due respect to the link-mongers who, let's face it, are seen as the big dogs)

So that said, this would be a good time for you, our loyal readers, to tell your friends about this blog if you're enjoying it. We're not going to run banner ads, and the only link to sell stuff is for the Calvin poster you see in the sidebar. We're not going to run a blog roll, and we're not going to ask to be linked by you unless we write something you can't find anyplace else -- like David's paraphrase of Genesis 1, or Brad's categorically-brilliant post about God's providence.

So that said, thanks for finding us, thanks for reading us, and thanks for making us feel like this work isn't entirely vain.


Kim Shay

I'll be linking for sure, and not just because of my hubby. I have to say, though, that those Skype sessions you have are funny. I hear hubby laughing a lot during those meetings. It's nice for him to have the fellowship of your group.

David Kyle

I, for one, have been blessed immeasurably.

Rachael Starke

"...weighty without being egg-headed, serious without being maudlin, and human without being too far fallen."

I want to be like that, which is why I love this blog.

(Er, as long as the "weighty" part refers to my intellect, rather than my, er, outer-lect. :) )


I had to look up some of the words used in this post.

Brad Williams

I almost retired when I found out that I wrote something "categorically brilliant" that I did not steal from John Piper. I hope I haven't peaked too early.

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